Executive Committee

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de Grivel

Managing Director

Supervisory Board

  • Grégoire

    Chairman of the Supervisory Board CEO of Commodities, International & Corporate Banking and Asset Servicing at ODDO BHF

  • Eric

    Member CEO and Chaiman of the Executive Committe at La Banque Privée Saint‑Germain

Our mutual funds

QBP Bond Allocation

The fund invests in Investment Grade and High Yield sovereign and corporate bonds covering all currencies and regions. The objective is to outperform the IBOXX Euro Corporate Overall index plus 1% over a 5-year investment horizon.

QBP Bond Allocation Short Term

This fund includes Investment Grade and High Yield corporate and sovereign bonds denominated in euros. The objective is to outperform the IBOXX EUR Corporate 1-5 Year index over the recommended 3-year investment period.

QBP Equity Next Generation

Mainly invested in shares of European listed companies, this thematic fund allows investors to seize opportunities linked to the energy, digital and demographic transitions. It aims to be a sustainable part of our clients' asset management strategy.

QBP Allocation patrimoniale

This diversified wealth fund invests in listed equities and bonds, directly or via other investment vehicles, without geographical, sector or currency constraints. It offers a balanced allocation to capture different pockets of performance and optimise our clients' wealth.

slider background

Both born of an entrepreneurial and family history, ODDO BHF and La Banque Privée Saint-Germain are committed to supporting their clients over the long term.

Grégoire Charbit

Chairman of the Supervisory Board